If you’re looking for City Living and also looking for character, look no further than Butcher Works!
Situated in immediate proximity to Sheffield Hallam University City Campus, this development is a conversion that retains all of its character. With an on-site coffee shop and museum, the hustle and bustle surrounding the area is very welcoming whilst you can close your apartment door and shut away the world with beautiful features such as original windows and wooden beams.
From an investor perspective, there are better opportunities on the market yield wise but there will be few nicer properties. Prospective tenants would be sure to be queuing up to rent this so finding occupants would pose no issues.
I’d expect the monthly rent to be somewhere around £800 which equates to a yield of  5.4% which is acceptable but relatively low compared with some other opportunities on the market.
A beautiful apartment as it is, I would suggest investing elsewhere if return on your investment is your main factor. 

If you want somewhere to live, you’ll be sure to love Butcher Works!