The S10 postcode is a very desirable area and often very popular with renters. As such the rent tends to be higher than most areas of Sheffield. This property should achieve £475pcm, whereas in other areas of Sheffield the average is often between £400pcm and £450pcm.
At asking price and at £475pcm, the rental yield would be a fantastic 8.77%. There will be service charge and grand rent to consider, but for a one bedroom apartment in this building, I would not expect the service charge and ground rent to exceed £700 per annum. The yield taking this into account would still be 7.69%.
£65,000 does seem a low price in this area. Whilst this property is not the most modern, there doesn’t appear to be any work that needs to be done. The bathroom and the kitchen are both basic, but do appear relatively new and work well in rented accommodation.  

This area has been popular for decades and this is unlikely to change anytime soon.

It seems this property has been priced to sell quickly so if this is a property that interests you, act fast!