Properties in S5 do tend to offer great value and you will get a lot of house for your money in this postcode compared with the neighbouring postcode of S6, which includes areas such as Hillsborough and Walkley whereby house prices are considerably more expensive than S5.

Even considering the typically low prices in S5, this property is still a good price in this area. Another two bedroom property in S5 of a very similar size and condition has also just been marketed at £75,000.

The rents in S5 do not directly correlate with house values, usually in S5 the rental yields are excellent with most achieving over 7%. This property would achieve approximately £500pcm which would equate to a rental yield of 8.7% assuming an offer of asking price was accepted. This is an exceptional yield, which does highlight how good an investment this property is!

 The condition of this property is good and would be ready for someone to move in immediately without any further improvements necessary, although changes could be made to suit your preference.

I do expect this property to sell quickly so an early offer is advised.