Listed by Key2Go and with a yield of 6% available, not only would any wise investor be buying a good property investment, they’d also be buying a very nice three bedroom house on a very sought after street!
This house is the perfect example of something that a buy to let investor may look to purchase in order to guarantee themselves some high quality tenants. Ordinarily, the better quality the property on offer, the better quality the tenants would be and the more the property would be looked after by them.
A monthly rent of £650 would be achievable for this property with it having such a nice kitchen, bathroom and beautiful garden and due to the popularity of the area, it wouldn’t take long to find tenants either.
Of course, not only will this property attract investor purchasers, it will also catch the eye of young families and maybe even first time buyers looking for something ready to be lived in. This house is exactly that, it’s ready to be lived in and offers any purchaser the opportunity to decorate to make it their own without any major spend required to really make this house their home.
With the interest expected to come from all buyer types, I would be surprised to see this house on the market for long and anticipate high levels of early interest and who knows, maybe a bidding war?