This property requires a bit of cosmetic work but once updated, this will make an excellent investment. 

Dykes Hall Road is a very popular and well known street in Hillsborough, which remains the area most searched for by property buyers online.
This property offers an excellent amount of space, more so than others, with a very large cellar, two reception rooms and what appear to be three double bedrooms, one of which on the top floor.
The garden is excellently presented and requires minimal maintenance, therefore making it good for a rental property should this house be purchased by a buy to let investor.
With that in mind, if updated as required, this property would achieve somewhere in the region of £625 per month in rent which equates to a yield of 6% if purchased at asking price, although any purchaser must also factor in the costs of home improvements.
Being in such a sought after and popular area, this house will attract buyers of all types and is attractively priced for investors should they be looking for something that offers a good quality property set to attract good quality tenants. 

If you are looking to invest in Sheffield, Hillsborough is certainly an area you should focus on as there are some excellent properties available with this being a prime example.