This two bedroom property in the very popular Metis development promises to be a fantastic investment.

On the rental market, this property would achieve £825pcm at a peak time of year, this would equate to a yield of approximately 6%. At present the property achieves £800pcm until August 2016, which is already a high rent and a promising sign.

Most two bedroom apartments in Metis are very similar in size and layout, the condition of the apartments are often similar too. The more popular two bedroom properties are on the higher floors and furnishings can make a big difference when it comes to renting the property. The condition of this particular property seems reasonable, but the furnishings do seem very basic, so a with higher quality furnishings, this property could achieve a much higher rent.

Parking in Sheffield city centre is very much sought after, so as this property includes an allocated parking space, a parking space in Metis would achieve approximately £70pcm. This in addition to the rent for the apartment itself, would equate to yield of just over 6.5%.

 On the rental market, properties are much more popular between June and October, this is due to the student market which is a large factor in Sheffield city centre.