This three-bedroom terraced house offers an excellent space and has the potential to be a smashing family home for a very small price. At only £75,000 you’d certainly be getting a lot of property for a little amount of money. Not only would this be an excellent first time buy for a family, but it would also be an excellent investment. The yield on this property could be approximately 8.8% based on a monthly rental price of £550pcm. If you were to achieve £550pcm, I would definitely recommend sprucing the property up a little with some redecoration works to the living room and bedrooms very much needed!

The property itself is a super-size with all of the rooms on offer of decent proportion, the kitchen on offer is very large indeed and would play host to some excellent family gatherings!

I think this property would be an ideal purchase for an investor looking for a fairly easy made investment, there doesn’t appear to be a great deal of works required and can be a fairly easy let.

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