An ideal investment opportunity at a bargain of a price.

This property seems perfect for someone who is new to the buy-to-let property game. With an expected rent of £400pcm, this property offers a very impressive yield of 8%. With such a low asking price, the risk involved is extremely low. There would of course be the option to of a resale if things didn’t work out as planned and I would expect this property to only increase in value.

The property itself is in a decent condition, albeit not pristine.  The room that would concern me is the bathroom. It may well be the pictures, but the walls look to have had or still have an issue with damp. It is always difficult to judge this from the photos, so a viewing would be essential.

Generally speaking, S8 is a very popular postcode, but there are some parts of the postcode that are considerably more popular than others. Woodseats for example is very popular, whereas Batemoor is not as desirable. This property is located in the less popular part, hence such a low asking price.

As well as investors, this property is likely to attract a lot of first time buyers.

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