Rustlings Road is one of the most desirable roads in one of the most desirable postcodes, S11, in Sheffield and this particular 4 bedroom property is one of the better houses.

This Victorian build will be one of the hottest properties on the market due to the reputation of the location. S11 is renowned for having some of the most characterful houses in the city!

Upon approaching the property you walk along a small walkway in the middle of the front garden which leads from the street to the front door. Upon entering the house, you will be astounded by the size. Every single room offers acres of space and excites the mind with the endless possibilities it offers.

There is a real modern feel to this traditional property and the mix between the two is very tasteful. The exposed brickwork contributes highly to the character of this property and is bound to impressa lot of potential buyers.  The front of the property overlooks the lovely Endcliffe Park and all of its glorious nature.