Westland Road is a long winding road that links Moss Way towards the centre of Westfield so this two bedroom property is in a very popular location.
I chose this property to blog about because of the great investment opportunity is poses to any potential buy to let investor who may purchase. A yield of around 6% is very attractive to any investor as this offers them a great return on their investment. This house supersedes this yield and offers any investor purchaser a yield of 7%! A monthly rent of £525 would be comfortably achievable on this property and if purchased at the current asking price, the 7% yield would be available.
The area is sought after by potential tenants so a quick and easy let would be possible meaning this is almost a risk free investment.

In order to purchase this house and advertise it on the rental market, I wouldn’t advise that any work would be required in order to make this attractive to potential renters but any works that are carried out may result in a higher rent of £550 being available.