Listed today by Key2Go is this three bedroom semi-detached  on Meadow Gate Avenue, Sothall, S20.
Sothall is a great place to live, with lovely houses, close to Rother Valley, Crystal Peaks and Westfield School. There are no ‘bad areas’ of Sothall.

This property certainly looks to have some money spent on it as all rooms in this property are really modern, but maybe not to your taste. The blacked and white chequered tiles are certainly unique.

Judging by the artificial grass and football nets, I would guess that the owners of this property have young boys. It is not easy to maintain a Chelsea Flow Show like garden with children sometimes, so I think artificial grass is a great idea.

This property in this location seems ideal for a family with children growing up.

There is space at the rear to add a conservatory, I know other properties with the same layout have gone down this route to add more living space.

These sort of properties are not often bought as investments, the yield would be poor and as they are usually modern there is not often any need for a refurbishment. The only way to make some money on this property would be to add a conservatory, although adding a conservatory is often not as cost effective as adding another bedroom, bathroom or increasing the size of the kitchen.

I feel the price of £150,000 could be negotiated, but ultimately I think this property would sell for between £140,000 and £145,000.