The agent, Sell Simple, advertises this property today in Stannington as ‘priced to sell’ at £285,000.
Whilst the property appears to be in good nick and located on a quiet, leafy street south-west of the City, I would expect this property to sell for around £285,000 rather than in excess of.
Stannington is a good location with friendly locals and schools with good reputations. I would strongly suggest checking out the area for yourself before submitting any offers as you want to be sure that the area is right for you.
Properties like this are not in demand for the rental market as not many people are in a financial position to pay over £1,000 per month. You’d need to be achieving around £1,500 to make it a worthwhile investment.
Even if you were achieving £1,500pcm the yield would still only be 6.3%.