Walkley is one of the most popular areas in Sheffield, thus house prices are slightly higher than other areas, but definitely seem worth it.
The rents that can be achieved in Walkley are higher than other areas so this property should comfortably achieve £650pcm. From experience, the majority of tenants in Walkley are very good tenants, who always pay rent on time and look after the property.
If this property did achieve £650pcm and the property was sold for £135,000, the yield would be 5.78%, which is not a bad yield considering there will be no ground rent or service charges to pay.
This property certainly looks to be worth the asking price and I would be surprised if this property stays on the market for much longer.

As well as investors, this property will mainly appeal to owner occupiers. With very little needing to be done to this property, this property will appeal to first time buyers. The owner certainly seems to have looked after this property.