West One in Sheffield is one of, if not the most popular developments in Sheffield city centre when it comes to rental and investment and this apartment is a great example.

At first glance, this appears to be a very low price for the property but it is priced as such because the apartment only has one bathroom, as opposed to the more expensive ones that will have one main bathroom and one en-suite.

From a rental point of view, a monthly rent of £850 can be expected to be achieved which would result in a yield of 6.3%. Whilst this is a good yield, this is not one of the highest yields available in Sheffield but does come with the safety and security that the landlord would be extremely unlikely to experience any void periods if any at all. This is a valuable feature when calculating yields and return on investments as one empty month could have a severe detrimental effect on the yield.

This building attracts buyers at any price so apartment is likely to offer no exception and attract interest early doors.