Rarely do houses on Revill Lane become available for sale so when they do, there is naturally a high level of interest.

The same applies with the lettings market so any properties that become available to rent here also attract a lot of interest. With that in mind, this house stands out to me as a great investment opportunity for any potential buy to let purchaser. The property is in very good condition and offers a neutral look to all rooms, a good kitchen and bathroom and a garden that requires no maintenance. These are excellent factors when looking through the eyes of an investor as they would have little, if any, work to do on the property in order to introduce it to the rental market and wouldn’t ever have to worry about any negligent tenants leaving a garden to overgrow.

Taking the above into consideration, I would certainly say a monthly rent of £550 would be achievable on this property and I wouldn’t envisage a lengthy stay on the market. The yield on offer for anyone who pays the asking price would be 6.6% which is very attractive to any investor and may result in an early flurry of interest.

Due to the rarity of these properties becoming available and quality of the investment on offer, I wouldn’t expect this property to remain on the market for long so anyone who is interested would be advised to follow up on that interest quickly!