A ready-made investment for any landlord, whether first time or the owner of a portfolio, has just become available to buy on Wordsworth Crescent in Sheffield.
Properties of this calibre in this area are likely to achieve a monthly rent of £495, which would offer an extremely attractive yield of 7.7% and my experience of the area indicates that tenants would be pretty easy to find.
You may think this sounds too good to be true and it isn’t, but let me tell you why it may seem that way. Albeit it a nice house, tenants are easy to find and it’s an attractive return on your investment, the tenants that would be interested may not be the ideal tenants for you as a landlord. I know there is a high demand from housing benefit recipients in the area. These don’t often tend to be the most reliable of tenants but you may strike lucky and find some great tenants, especially with the condition that this house appears to be in being so good.

This two bedroom semi-detached house may appear to be a perfect investment financially, but always do the research (or allow me to do it for you!) before you buy.